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Health & Harmony Animal Hospital

Health & Harmony Animal Hospital

1117 W 1st St | Columbus, OH 43212

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What sets us apart:

Our interaction with local non-profit animal rescue organizations, and using them as valuable resources.

Our dedication to our involvement with local schools as well as community service.

Our focus on the pet as whole being – Body, Mind & Soul.

We offer Eastern Medicine - in addition to Western Medicine - in order to offer your pet additional care options.

We are a technology forward veterinary hospital to provide streamlined patient care and client communication.

We educate and involve our clients in order to make the best decisions for the care of their pet.

Our Services:
A complete physical exam and discussion about how your pet is doing in his/her home environment is the single most important component of your pet’s health & well-being.
The following are categories of the types of exams we schedule:
- New puppy/kitten exams and consultation
- Annual wellness exams and individualized vaccination schedules
- Senior wellness exams
- Health/Behavior exam
- Orthopedic/Neurologic exams
- Consultations
- Pre-surgical exams
- Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine exam

Preventative Care:
Prevention of disease includes everything from year-round, monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention to nutrition and exercise to monitoring bloodwork. For our senior patients, this may also include monitoring blood pressure and eye pressures, which are often overlooked.

Did you know… getting lost is the #1 cause of death for pets?

1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime.
The microchip is much more reliable than a collar and a tag because there is no chance it will fall off. The microchip is a permanent ID that links your pet to you.

Laboratory Services:
Routine and non-routine bloodwork, heartworm testing, Felv/Fiv screening, urine and fecal analysis. For services requiring skin scrapes, ear swab analysis, or cytology (evaluation of cells) we have a microscope with an lcd screen so we can show our clients what we are seeing under the microscope!

Digital Radiography
We chose digital x-ray technology from Sound-Eklin in order to provide optimal image quality, minimize your wait time and to decrease stress and exposure time for our animal patients. With this technology, we will be getting the best image quality in only 6 seconds from exposure! We also use digital imaging for our dental x-rays as well.

Acupuncture & Herbals:
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years and can be used in almost any area of treatment and prevention where western medicine is used. Oftentimes, it is used in conjunction with western medicine to improve the outcome of the treatment. This approach is referred to as integrative medicine. The two approaches compliment one another to gain the maximum beneficial results for the patient. Herbal therapy is another arm of Eastern Medicine that is also used for prevention and therapy. Herbals come in many forms such as tea pills, powders, treats and capsules. They are available for both our canine and feline patients.

We offer a state of the art surgical suite where patient safety is our number 1 priority. Your animal companion will be monitored with a multifaceted approach using equipment such as doppler and E.K.G, and monitoring vitals signs. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork will be evaluated prior to any anesthetic procedure. Ensuring your pet recovers in a peaceful and safe way, we have recovery areas that are equipped with warming devices and staff who never leave your pet unattended. We use a an individualized anesthetic protocol based on type of animal, age, breed, health of the patient, as well as type of procedure they will be undergoing. For a complete list of our surgeries please feel free to contact us.

Dental and oral care is key to your pets overall wellbeing! We advocate preventative home care with annual cleanings and complete oral evaluation under general anesthesia. This includes a series of digital dental x-rays to monitor for disease below the gum line and to evaluate pre and post tooth extractions.

Humane Euthanasia:
This is one of the most important services we provide and we take a very personal and individualized approach to each pet and their family. Please contact us and we would love to discuss our philosophy and options.

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Dr. Kimberly West
Dr. Kimberly West

Dr. Kimberly West graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and has worked in various small animal veterinary hospitals and animal shelters within the Columbus area.

One of her passions is animal rescue which comes almost inherently; she has many inspiring stories, even about her own pets!

Dr. West is also excited to share the benefits of acupuncture and herbals in a more integrative approach to veterinary medicine, allowing more choices for the care of your animals.

Anyone that has met Dr. West knows that she has never met a stranger! This is evident in how deeply rooted she is in Columbus, especially within her own neighborhood of Grandview Heights.

Although Kim�s roots are in Grandview Heights, those roots extend all the way to Beavercreek, CO where she and her husband, Blake, share time together snowboarding and hiking with their two dogs, Tupelo Honey and Fruitbat. Their 4 cats, Madison, Baboo, Riley, and Baby Face McGee, unfortunately have to stay home.

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Dr. Evelyn Tannhof
Dr. Evelyn Tannhof

Dr. Evelyn Tannhof also graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009 and was hoping to start her career specializing in dairy herd health medicine.

At a rural mixed animal practice, she provided veterinary care for all species, ranging from cats and dogs to pygmy goats, sheep, pigs, horses and cows � sometimes all in one day! This setting allowed her to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge that could be applied between small and large animal species.

Although she will always love the smell of the farm, Dr. Tannhof�s heart is in small animal medicine and she is excited to build relationships with clients and their pets, focusing on patient care, education, and taking part in her local community.

Dr. Tannhof shares her life with her fiance, Chuck and his 15-year-old son, Zach. They are allowed to share the couch with their rescue Doberman, Tanner as well as their 3 kitties, Bakey, Pixi and Buddy.

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