Deaf Dogs

A deaf dog can be a beloved addition to any family. They are gentle, intelligent, and playful animals. It's important, however, to remember that a deaf dog needs special care. In order to provide the best home for a deaf dog, it's beneficial for a potential owner to learn more about these unique canines.

There are a few reasons why dogs lose their sense of hearing. First, hereditary conditions have been known to cause deafness in dogs. In fact, a dog may be deaf from the time of birth. Secondly, a dog can lose its hearing as the result of a bad ear infection. Regular veterinary examinations are helpful in keeping a dog's ears healthy. Finally, many dogs experience hearing loss as they get older.

Every owner of a deaf dog should recognize that their pet's safety is top priority. There are a variety of ways to keep a deaf dog safe from harm. One way is to exercise the dog in an enclosed area. This ensures the animal a healthy amount of activity in a controlled, safe environment. Another way to keep a deaf dog safe is to establish a method of communication with it. For instance, some owners of deaf dogs use hand signals to give their dogs important commands. A means of communication between a deaf dog and its owner can help them to avoid dangerous situations.

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