Your Dog and You: A Guide to Happiness

As the saying goes dog is man’s best friend. A dog will be your friend, companion, teammate and a source of unconditional love. Whether you have a good day or a bad day, your dog will be there to greet you and be ready to spend time with you. Because of that commitment that a dog gives to its owner, it’s important that the owner knows what to expect when getting a dog, so that they can return the commitment to man’s best friend.

Before you bring home a dog, there are several factors to keep in mind when making that decision. You need to consider how big of a dog do you want? For example, people that live in a small house or apartment may not have the room for a large dog. Do you have children in the household? If you do, you need to make sure that the dog is good with children. Another concern is where you are getting the dog from? You have many choices including individual dog breeders, dog owners who are trying to get rid of a litter of pups, pet stores or your local animal shelter. Where you get the dog from depends on a variety of factors including whether you want a pure bred dog or knowing that you have helped by adopting an unwanted dog. There are many factors to consider when selecting a dog. The ultimate choice is yours and how the dog will fit into the family.

Once you have selected your dog, it’s time to bring the dog home and introduce it to its new home. Introducing a dog to its new home is an important step. The new home will be strange for the dog and getting him to be comfortable is very important. To make the dog comfortable you need to make sure that it has a place to call its own. It could be a corner of a room, an old chair or even a doggie bed. Introduce the dog to that area. Have food and fresh water for your new pet, and before long they will be comfortable in their new surroundings. When taking the dog outside, it is also important to let them get comfortable with the outdoor surroundings. While on a lease, take the dog on a walk of the area and acquaint them to the surroundings. If you plan on leaving the dog outside, make sure that you have a good long lead so that he can roam around, but not leave the area. The quicker you can get your dog adapted to the new home, the happier they will be.

In order to have a happy dog, responsible pet owners need to be attentive to their dogs needs. On a regular basis you must:

·        Provide fresh food and water – change the water a couple of times a day and only give food made for dogs. Feeding a dog table scraps may not be good for the dog, and will encourage begging, which is not a good habit to get into.

·        Regular Vet visits – when you get your new dog, the first thing to do is set up an appointment with your local vet. Once you select a vet, it is important to take your dog on a regular basis for checkups and shots.

·        Give your dog love – good day or bad day, you’re dog will give you unconditional love. It is important that you do the same. Make sure you take your dog out for regular walks, play with them, brush them and fuss over them. Your dog will be happier with all the attention

Dog ownership is a great responsibility. Dogs are great companions and can help cheer up owners even when things are not going so well. By following these guidelines, you and your dog will have a happy existence.


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