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N Motion Home Veterinary Care

N Motion Home Veterinary Care

1296 Cronson Blvd | Crofton, MD 21114

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Our mission is to be an advocate for the pets and "Bring Veterinary Medicine Where You Are" in a friendly relaxed setting - your own home or office.

We are perfect for........

Convenience and less time consuming for you.

A HouseCall averages 45 minutes, compared to a trip to a clinic that can average two and-a-half hours or more.

Receive more personalized attention and, generally, an extended period of time spent with the veterinarian.
Pets that don't travel well
House-bound owners
Multiple pet households
Preventing the dirty car syndrome ( hair, vomit and smeared windows )
Folks who simply don't have time to spend in the waiting room of the veterinary hospital.
Those clients that are looking for a Comprehensive Preventive Health Plan Package with a cost savings. Pets on our Health Plan have a longevity of 25% longer than pets that are not.

The focus of our mobile practice is to provide your pets with the same or better high quality, complete health care they receive from a standing veterinary clinic. The difference is that " We Bring Veterinary Medicine Where You Are ". Our 26' custom designed mobile clinic is equipped with all the tools, bells and whistles, supplies and equipment we need to perform any outpatient service for your dogs and cats.

We provide physical examinations, vaccinations, advanced dental care ,( periodontia, exodontia, endodontia ) and flea/parasite control to maintain your pet's good health. We also offer diagnostic procedures, including radiology, blood, urine and fecal testing. The mobile clinic contains a complete surgical suite with the most up-to-date anesthesia equipment, protocol and monitoring systems. Help with behavior, nutrition and end-of-life issues is also available. All of these services and more can be done at your home in our state-of-the-art clinic.

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Dr. Harrison Foy
Dr. Harrison Foy

Dr. Foy was born in Goldsboro, N.C. , and lived there until the age of eleven before moving with his family to Miami, Florida. He graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee with a BS degree in Animal Science and from Tuskegee University with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture, and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1975.

He served in the U.S Army as Chief of Animal Disease and Prevention at Walter Reed Army Medical Facilities in Washington, D.C for 3 years. He had the desire to start his private practice in 1978, while remaining in the Army Reserves for 8 years. He created two practices and was in private practice for 30 years before selling and retirement.

After the youngest daughter graduated from High School and went to college, his chauffeuring skills were no longer needed. Being unemployed as her chauffeur, he found himself bored and feeling useless.

He looked for other opportunities and became a Business Partner and Chief of Staff with a large National and International corporate practice that provided clients with wellness plan options. Dr. Foy created the first " Prepaid Preventive Health Plan " in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 1978. Our practice philosophy was the same, treat pets like humans and provide a preventive wellness plan, which made a perfect partnership.

Dissatisfied with the pace of the corporate practice, he felt that he could not spend the adequate time to educate and implement the preventive wellness philosophy to his clients. After all, he is an advocate for the pet, and the best pet parent is a well informed parent. This lead him with a desire to create N-Motion Home Veterinary Care.

He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Maryland Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of HouseCall Veterinarians, American Veterinary Dental Society and VIN- Veterinary Information Network. He is married to SanYvette Williams-Foy, DVM, has two children, Ndidi Foy-Feinberg, MD and Mari-Ashli Foy, a college senior seeking Veterinary School, and two grandchildren Shayna and Aaron Feinberg. And don't forget " Synnamin", his three year old miniature dachshund.

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