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3490 Park Avenue Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

A Mount Pleasant Veterinarian with Compassion for Pets.

At Park West Vet, you and your pet will feel welcomed and taken care of the moment you walk into our facility. Our caring and compassionate team of vets is here to support your pet's health, and we pride ourselves on our ability to form long, lasting relationships with our clients. Our vets in Mount Pleasant take pride and joy in your animal's long, happy, and healthy life.

Trust Park West Vet As Your Mount Pleasant Veterinarian

We are dedicated to providing you and your beloved pet with the very best care. Our approach to animal guardianship is simple, and we take it very seriously: we are committed to returning the unconditional love our pets provide us. As your pet's guardian, we know you have a lot of information to share with us, and we'll work closely together to provide your pet with the best possible care. We'll provide you with the information and advice you need to make the most humane decisions for the care of your pet. In turn, we'll listen carefully to you and your wishes, and proceed with your animal's very best interests in mind at all times.

Personalized care is what you and your beloved animal will receive every time you visit our vets in Mount Pleasant, SC. Our experienced veterinarians will get to know your pets and treat them with kindness and compassion, understanding the needs for their age, breed, lifestyle and temperament. We pride ourselves on being the Mount Pleasant Veterinarian of choice for many families in Charleston and neighboring areas.

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Dr. Jay Goldsmith
Dr. Jay Goldsmith

As a seventeen year old boy I exited Auburn University's College of Agriculture perplexed and confused. I had just informed the Dean with excitement in my voice and conviction that he too would be excited for me, that I wanted to be a farmer. He responded with two questions. "Is your dad a farmer?" No, I said. "Do you plan to marry a woman whose dad is a farmer?" I don't know, I said slowly. "Well then you aren't going to be a farmer."

It is strange how someone you have just met can crush you with only a few simple words. God had a different plan for me and the Dean at Auburn knew it. I remember walking down the endless concrete steps that led out of his office and saying to myself, "Now what?"

Growing up in the suburbs of Augusta, GA, I found my way to the country every time I could. I occasionally spent time with Dr. Justin Butler on his father's dairy farm in Saluda, SC. This outdoor life spent with animals was inspiring and adventurous. So as a teenager I found my way into training horses. It was those days out in the field on the back of a strong and often wild beast we call horse, that confirmed my desire to be outside and with animals.

After returning to Augusta from my visit with the Dean, I spent some time with an equine veterinarian, Dr. Haden, in the race town of Aiken. It was incredible what this vet was able to do with these athletes. Dr. Haden could watch a lame horse trot and identify what leg and joint was painful. Then he could pass a tube up a horse's nose and draw fluid out of its stomach.

It was just incredible! I wanted to do it too!

This experience led to working with Dr. Dick Gayle in a small animal practice, I was blown away by his ability to evaluate a dog that had been vomiting and find a sock in the intestine. Then he would perform surgery, remove the sock, and the dog was like new again. I knew I could do this too!

It was clear, I wanted to be a vet.

In 1998, I was accepted to Auburn University's College of Veterinary medicine. I was certain that four years later I would be in Kentucky working on famous race horses.

Once again I was wrong.

Clinical rotations started my third year and it was dogs and cats of which I couldn't get enough. From emergencies to surgery to oncology and ophthalmology, I loved every minute of it. There was something amazing about seeing the joy that people got from their furry family members. I now had the ability to heal that family member and it was exhilarating!

So here I am, waking up each day excited about going to work. Excited about healing pets. Excited about seeing the joy that these pets bring their owners.

I have a wonderful wife, Carey, and three boys, Grant, Henry, and Will. I enjoy training my labrador retriever, Grits, coaching my kids sport's teams, and travelling. We also have an orange tabby cat named Bo who rules our home.

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Dr. Justin Butler
Dr. Justin Butler

I grew up on a dairy farm in Saluda, SC which gave me a love and respect for animals at an early age. Our dairy herd was one of the teaching herds for the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine. So as a kid I spent a lot of time with senior veterinary students each month when they came to work on our cows. Seeing their passion planted a seed in me that helped lead me to choose the same profession years later. After graduating from Lander University and the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, I practiced in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 8 years. While living there I met my wife, Rachael. Now we have 2 boys who are true blessings in our lives. I love spending time with my family and my yellow lab, Kate. In my spare time, Rachael and I love to run and we have competed in several marathons and half marathons. I have also run a few triathlons as well. We love Charleston and are proud to call it home.

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